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June Ratings & Update

Posted by Paul S on Fri July 21, 2000 at 0h00

The June Ratings are now online.

Here's a progress report on the Ladder Archive: I admittedly haven't worked on it in like a month, but I do promise to turn my attention back to it soon. It WILL be completed no later than the end of August, because after that I have to turn my attention to my studies. I expect it will be done a lot sooner because there's really not that much work left to do.

What will likely happen is that once it's done I'll begin entering the old results, and I'll place them online as I finish them. This will at least give you something to look at! Eventually, I'll catch up to the current week, whatever it happens to be. Once caught up I will have to check the positions with the official ladder, and depending on when this happens and how many discrepancies there are there may be an interruption for a week or two. I'll of course keep you updated!