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Posted by Paul S on Sat July 01, 2000 at 0h00

Some announcements pertaining to tournaments that I'm compacting into one news item:

First, the June Tournament Results are now online. I am really sorry about the delay. I did them the evening of the tournament, but then my internet connection went down so I couldn't upload them. After that I just plain darn forgot! In situations like this, please feel free to send me an angry note demanding to know where the results are, because odds are it will remind me to finish the job!

Next, I noticed I had not updated the results index page for the last couple of tournaments. This made the results for the last two tournaments unaccessable unless you went through the news section.

I hope to have the 2001 Tournament Schedule online soon.

Lastly, some page updates! The Team Qualifiers list has been updated with a preliminary CalSask qualifier list. The tournament details will be placed online as soon as we have a date finalized. Also, the Division Plan has been updated a bit. The main update expands the mini-tournament plan to 6-63 players. This may seem absurdly high, but after we tested the limits of the previous list in April I figured I'd better expand the plan just in case!

BTW, I haven't forgotten about the Out of Town Results section, and I hope to write a program before I go back to class in September to make updating this page much much easier. As it is now it's a real hassle so I don't get to it very often.