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More Delays

Posted by Paul S on Thu September 14, 2000 at 0h00

I will be making some upgrades to my personal systems over the next few days. This means I'll be unable to use my Internet connection and thus will be unable to update the web site during that time. I'll also be unable to respond to any email during that time. If things go well, I'll be back online this weekend. If they don't, I might not be available until the following weekend -- or later!

Naturally, the Ladder Archive results will once again be delayed as a result. It's possible that I may get some of the results entered when I take breaks from the upgrade, but I still won't be able to upload any new results until my system is restored. Moreover, I definitely won't be entirely finished by the weekend as I'd planned.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I really need to stop announcing dates for web site updates so I don't have to keep apologizing like this!