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December Results & Preview

Posted by Paul S on Mon December 18, 2000 at 0h00

December tournament results are now available. I'm sorry for the delay. This time, it wasn't my fault! For some reason I was completely unable to login to the web server to update the site. The web site was still viewable, I just couldn't get in to change it! Then just as strangely the problem stopped today for no apparent reason. Oh well.

Now, here's a quick preview of some of the changes to the site that will be made in the next few weeks:

  • Ladder Archive will be caught up. This will happen in two stages. The first stage will be to catch up to September, for which I have the sheets and images of the official ladder book. Then I'll have to obtain the sheets and the ladder book for the rest of the year and update using those. Fortunately, though, I'll be back at the club on Thursdays so this won't be a problem.
  • Site restructuring. I'll be organizing the site's directory and file naming structure to make it a little more logical, as things are getting a little cluttered and awkward for me to manage. As a result, those that link to pages directly may find the pages are suddenly missing! This includes major indexes like the Results and Ladder Archive indexes. For this reason, please remember that if you suddenly find a page is missing, the proper course of action is to go to the main site page. I'll try to provide redirectors but I can't do this for every page, obviously. Also, when accessing the site's main index, use http://www.calgary374.org/ WITHOUT SPECIFYING A FILENAME. The name of the main index page may be one that changes, and I'm not sure I'll be able to provide a redirector for it due to the nature of the changes. Thus, if you have this site bookmarked, change your bookmark to access the above address exactly as it appears if it doesn't already. You may have to manually edit the URL in your browser's Bookmark Properties to do this.
  • I'm hoping to give the site a small makeover in connection with the above, but I'm not sure I'll have the time. If I do, the changes would involve an appearance change as well as providing a better way to get around the site.
  • Score Sheet Archive. I'll be setting up an archive where you can view and download Scrabble® score & tracking sheets that various players have generously provided me with. This will be a great resource for anybody trying to find a system that works well for them. I have the score sheets, I just need to scan them.
  • Virtual Tour & More Pictures! I bought myself a cheap digital camera and I'm willing to use it to take pictures for this web site too. In addition to the Virtual Tour of our club that I promised two years ago, I'm hoping to expand the pictures section to include shots from tournaments and other club events.
  • In addition, I'm hoping to make a few other site enhancements. I won't say exactly what because time will be short, but hopefully I'll at least be able to implement a few neat things.

I'm not giving a timeline on any of the above due to my apparent lack of ability to stick to one, but I can say that large quantities of Ladder results should start to appear by the weekend. After that, I'll play it by ear!