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New Out of Town Results

Posted by Paul S on Wed February 21, 2001 at 0h00

I've just added the results for Phoenix, which took place last weekend, as well as Reno which took place in January. You can find them in the Out of Town Results Archive.

Congratulations to Wayne Clifford for finishing second in division 3 in Phoenix! Also, belated congratulations to Albert Hahn for winning division 2 in the Reno Early Bird and also for a strong showing in divison 1 in the main event.

Quick Update: I'm about 2-3 times busier this semester than I have been in previous semesters, so there's just no way I can get any new Ladder Results done or make more than the most basic updates. Any major site modifcations will have to wait until May. Sorry, folks, but my education must of course come first!