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Minor Updates

Posted by Paul S on Thu July 26, 2001 at 0h00

The Scrabble® School section has been updated with the rest of the schedule and the notes from the first three weeks. The notes are very informative - be sure to check them out if you are looking to improve your game! As notes and additions/changes are made they won't be announced here (unless something really important is involved) so be sure to check the School home page (linked above) from time to time.

Also, the Ratings have been updated from the June tournament. All the links within the page should work now. Note that I was unable to include ratings from the Denver tournament because the NSA only updates their results web site once a month. Denver didn't make it in time for the last update, and I need to update the ratings for our tournament this weekend so I can't wait. (I use the same program that generates the ratings web pages to update our own database.)

Bad news - Due to my confusing digital camera software I inadvertantly wiped out the pictures I had taken for the Virtual Tour. I will have to retake them over the next few weeks, so don't look for the tour to become available any time soon.

Minor additions and updates will continue throughout the next little while.