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Site Renovation

Posted by Paul S on Sun July 22, 2001 at 0h00

Well, as you can see I've finally completed the long-awaited renovation to the site! Looking over the news archive, it appears I first made mention of this back in January of 2000 with the intention of having this happen "shortly after" the site moved to its new location. Of course, the move happened in May 2000 and it's now 14 months later! Oh well, I hope you enjoy the newly updated site!

I've split this announcement into three separate news items. This item will concentrate on the most important information, specifically the possible problems and gotchas about the new site. The next item will detail the visible changes to the site, and a third item will talk about the behind-the-scenes internals. This way you can more easily read only what you want to.

Here are the things to watch for when browsing the new site. I've tested the site for displayability with four different browsers on both Windows ME and Linux, so most of the problems should be more technical than cosmetic. If you find anything on this list, please contact me immediately!

Possible problems: 1) Every single link on the site has been updated. Please tell me about all broken links immediately. (Exception: Links inside the archived news and ALL results pages have not yet been corrected.) 2) Also be on the lookout for broken intra-page links. These are links that jump around within the same page. The URLs have a hash (#) symbol in them. If these fail, you'll end up at some weird place - probably the top of the page. 3) Watch out for pictures that fail to load, although if you don't see ANY pictures it probably means your browser cannot display .png files - see below. 4) I also updated a fair bit of the content, so please let me know of any pages that don't display properly, and even of typos. 5) When converting pages I inadvertanly chopped their title banners, i.e. the big bold-text at the top of each page (below the blue navbars) that tells you what page you're looking at. I've had to add them back manually, so if I've missed any please let me know.

Incomplete Areas: 1) Some pages have not yet been redone, to allow the site to come online faster. They are clearly marked. They will be completed within the next few days. I have absolutely no intention of leaving pages permanently "under construction" like last time! (Although it's no coincidence the incomplete pages are ones which had that designation.) 2) All archives indexes (except club results) still need to have a makeover, although the old versions are available and have been updated to work with the new site structure. 3) None of the tournament brochures (except for the minis) are online yet. 4)As mentioned, all archived results and news pages have not had their links updated. If you view one of these pages, don't try any of the links and use your browser's Back button to get out. 5), The new Members' area and the Virtual Tour do not even exist yet - THE LINKS TO THEM WILL FAIL!. This will be fixed shortly.