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June Results

Posted by Paul S on Sun July 01, 2001 at 0h00

Our June mini-tournament was held today. Yes, I know it's really July but that's the way the schedule worked. The "real" July mini is in four weeks, on the 29th. Anyhow, the results are now online.

Last week the club lost one of its most long-time members, Vicki Hunter. We dedicated today's tournament to her memory. Also, a special $10 prize for the highest-scoring V word was awarded. Vicki was well-known to and well-liked by many of our members and she will be dearly missed.

On a lighter note, today is Canada Day, the Canadian national holiday. (Happy Canada Day to all Canadian readers!) A special prize was also awarded in recognition of this, courtesy of director Randall Thomas.

There will be pictures from this tournament posted, but not right now. I'll announce when they are available.