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November Results

Posted by Paul S on Sun November 18, 2001 at 0h00

The November mini results are online. This was the first tournament in our regular club room, and despite some minor kinks things went pretty well. This is good because we're saving nearly 50% in rent fees!

I've also fixed a problem with the tournament results index that was causing File Not Found errors on some older results. There are many other places throughout the site where links to (and from) older files don't work, though, so watch out.

On another note, things are about to get incredibly hectic for me very soon, so there probably won't be another site update for about four weeks (except for ratings and December mini results). I recently upgraded the club's systems and unfortunately this means the software is going to have to be rewritten. This is all badly needed, but of course it means my free time will be devoted to it. I've got some plans for the site during my winter break but by now I've learned that I never seem to finish everything I announce, so I won't announce anything until it's done.