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Word Lists & More

Posted by Paul S on Thu December 27, 2001 at 0h00

The Word Lists page is finally online. However, because I haven't yet found (or developed) a suitable way to generate the word lists easily, the page currently just contains suggestions of lists for new, intermediate, and expert players, along with a few links to places where you might find actual lists. This is still a good resource for newer players I think, because I always had trouble figuring out to study when I was first learning. I do intend to put actual lists on the page at some point, but it's low priority.

I've also made more updates to various pages. Notable changes this time around are routine updates to the Meeting Details page and the Saturday Sessions page.

Incidentally, Club Results are now complete through July. I'll try to keep 'em coming!

Oh, I haven't forgotten about the Virtual Tour (whose link still won't work). I'm hoping to do it after the club results are fully up-to-date.