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Progress Report

Posted by Paul S on Wed February 10, 1999 at 0h00

As it's been about two weeks since I've added anything to the site, I thought I'd better let everybody know how things are going. Below is a quick report on the various areas that are still under construction.

  • Ladder Archive - The restoration of the ladder archive hinges on my completing a rather complex program to manage the task. I am hoping to finish this by the end of the month, in time for the new club season. (I can't temporarily use the old format as that's not how I have the data recorded, unfortunately.) Believe me, it will be worth the wait!
  • Tournament Results - This section is online, but results from 1999 tournaments are in text format only. I should have them converted to HTML shortly after the February tournament.
  • Info. Section - The Facts and History should be completed shortly. The FAQ will not be completed for a while.
  • Word Lists & Links - I am anxious to finish these pages but it will still take some time. Hopefully within two weeks!
  • Misc. Section - This section, which includes the simulations, as well as some items referenced from the club and tournament descriptions, contains non-critical information and thus probably won't be completed for a while. However, I may begin adding things to it very soon. Some of the files just require conversion to HTML.
  • Tourney Brochures - The remaining online brochures are for tournaments that are at least 9 months away. Nevertheless, I hope to have the Western Canadian Championship brochure online within a week or two. Please remember, though, that any details at this point would be very tentative.
  • Ratings List - The ratings list bears the under construction image, but is still fully operational. The enhanced statistics will not be completed for a while, unless I have time to do them when the Winter Tournament ratings arrive. Otherwise, they will be done in time for the Spring Tournament ratings.
  • Virtual Tour - A simple version of the tour may be available by the end of the month. However, this is an extremely low priority.

As always, keep watching this page for changes and additions.