Calgary Scrabble Group


General Updates

Posted by Paul S on Thu December 13, 2001 at 0h00

I've made a few general updates to the site. Most are minor page changes that most people won't notice anyhow. However, an important update is the new email addresses for some of the directors. Check the directors page for the new addresses.

Also, some news about the Club Results Archive. First off I had some errors in the late December 2000 results that have been fixed. Second, I have finally reached and passed the point where there are 2 weeks of results that I am missing. I have simply skipped these weeks and moved on. Several new weeks of results have been put up today; you can always find the latest results by bookmarking or visiting this link. (This quick-link will become more valuable once I get caught up.)

Although I'm discouraged to have missing results, it's not going to matter too much because there are a lot of inaccuracies in the results anyhow. Sometimes scores are misprinted, other times spreads are calculated wrong and the error affects the standings. Sometimes people even forget their scores entirely and then I usually just make up scores based on the result of the game and the players involved, to try to keep the impact on stats minimal (even though I know this is a futile effort). Ultimately it's the seasonal results and the continuation of the results archive as a whole that matters.