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December Results

Posted by Paul S on Sun December 09, 2001 at 0h00

December mini results are now up. Only 23 people this time; there were some notable absences, especially from the top division. Most notably absent was Siri who is on vacation in his native Sri Lanka. Randall Thomas directed this tournament, and will direct the Marathon (whose brochure I hope to have up next weekend).

On another note, there are new club results going up at last! As I said they are my priority during my break because we're planning to use them for our club awards. My plan is to do one week per day until my exams are over in two weeks, then I'll step things up to hopefully finish by the end of the year. Yeah yeah, I know I've said all this before, and frankly I don't believe myself yet either. But hopefully the motivation of having the results considered official will be sufficient this time.