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Results, Results, Results

Posted by Paul S on Fri May 03, 2002 at 0h00

As promised, I have brought the Club Results Archive up to date. Fortunately it's much easier to do six weeks of results than it is to do six months!

Note that while many times I'll be able to do results within 24 hours of the session, this won't always be possible. Sometimes if we run late then Wendy, who runs the ladder, won't have time to update the book before the night is out and then she has to take the sheets with her. When this happens results won't be available until Tuesday.

April mini results are are also online now. We had 32 people for this tournament - the largest for a mini in quite some time. Good to see!

Okay, so I kind of lied with the title: there's only two results updates, not three. However, I am planning to update the third set of results - the Out of Town results - very soon. I'm actually going to further automate the process first so they'll be a slight delay while I write the new software, but this won't take long.

Some other small updates to the site will be made within the next little while, and of course I'll make announcements as changes are made.

A reminder to members: Our General Meeting is on Wednesday at 7pm. IMPORTANT: The meeting site is our normal CLUB venue, not the tournament venue as previously announced on this site!