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Out of Town Stuff Updated

Posted by Paul S on Tue June 11, 2002 at 0h00

I've finally had a chance to update the Upcoming Out of Town Tournament Listing and the Out of Town Results sections. I didn't bother with the software upgrades mentioned earlier as I didn't think it was worth the time; instead I'll be trying different enhancements later next month when I have more time.

The Ratings Page has also been updated, but only from the tournaments on the last week of May. They are current up to our Summer Tournament, and of course as soon as I get those ratings I'll put them online. (Since I actually played in the tournament I won't have to wait until the NSA puts them up.)

Believe it or not, I've even done some work on the Virtual Tour! It's not ready yet because I need to take more photos. With luck it will be done this weekend, as I have a bit of a break from schoolwork and thus some time.

Finally, it's kind of sad that this is news (because it's been so rare in recent times), but the Club Results Archive is completely up to date and has been for over a month now! There was one week I missed because I wasn't given the sheets, but I did them the next week. The main reason I mention this is to remind people that I normally can't do the results until Tuesdays because I have to wait for the sheets, but as you can see the results are indeed getting done!