Calgary Scrabble Group



Posted by Paul S on Fri July 26, 2002 at 0h00

It is my great pleasure to announce that the club has finally been Incorporated as a Society! This was supposed to happen three years ago, but I badly bungled the procedure in several ways.

Way back on June 30th, 1999 the club held a General Meeting, the subject of which was to hold a referendum on Incorporation. A 75% majority of those present opted to pursue the option. The Incorporation was supposed to be completed by the end of that year, but as I said, I screwed up.

What does Incorporation as a Society mean to the club? Well actually, not much. First of all, the Incorporated body must be separate from the club proper. This is because the National Scrabble® Association sanctions our club as a trademark user, and recognizes only Siri as the owner of that sanction. Thus, we must operate a tandem organization. The name of this organization is the Calgary Word Game Players Club. I will likely put up a basic, separate CWGPC site once there's enough information to warrant it.

One of the major goals of Incorporation is to take advantage of alternative funding opportunities, such as holding a casino. We will be exploring our options as soon as possible.

The directors are meeting on August 6th, where we will complete some required paperwork and decide on how to proceed. The results of that meeting will be posted here, as will any new information related to our Incorporation.

I should mention that some slight changes to our Initial Bylaws (as voted on way back in '99) were required to comply with recent changes to Provincial Law. Members can see the updated bylaws on our Members Page. Remember, this page is password protected. You can find the password on the printed names list. (Do not email me asking for it because I won't give it out.)