Calgary Scrabble Group


Major Updates

Posted by Paul S on Fri July 26, 2002 at 0h00

I've finally made some major updates to the site! Actually none of the updates are really earth-shattering, but they are quite significant.

First, the small stuff. The July Tournament Results are now online. I was just plain tardy with those results - sorry about that. Also, the Club Results Archive has now been updated through July 18th. (I don't have yesterday's sheets yet.)

The biggest update is the long-awaited completion of the Virtual Tour. This is a simple interactive pictorial tour of our club's meeting area. I should note that I'll probably be replacing some of the photos soon. A few of them didn't turn out too well, and a couple of them aren't from the exact location that I ended up using for the tour. Nevertheless, the tour is otherwise complete and is fully functional! Give it a try!

Another major thing to note is that my contact email address has changed! My new address is: paulsid@shaw.ca This is actually just my normal email address. I used to prefer a separate address for Scrabble® stuff but this is no longer necessary. Note that email to my old address will be forwarded to the address above. The upside of this is that I'll be able to receive and respond to email much more quickly, as I don't have to remember to check a separate account now.

I've also finally gotten around to fixing the archive pages. That is, old pages in the various archives (mostly from club and tournament results) that had old links left over from before the site's renovation to its current state. All links on the old pages should now work. Exception: Links in old news pages in the News Archive have not been fixed. This would simply be too much work, and I don't really think it's necessary.

Some other minor updates have been made that are too small to detail. Most of these are just changes and corrections to pages that have become a bit out of date.

My next job for the site is to begin working on facilities to allow parts of the site (like the results pages) to be updated by others much more easily. This will be vital when September comes and I am back at University. Progress reports will be posted as things are added.