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Results & More

Posted by Paul S on Tue August 13, 2002 at 0h00

Results from the August Mini-tournament are now online. Sorry for the delay.

Additionally, the ratings are now online from the July tournament.

Club and out-of-town results will be updated next week, after the Nationals I'm not going but I'm busy with something else for a few days so that seems like the best time.

Our 2003 Tournament Schedule (tentative) is now online. Dates aren't likely to change but you never know. Online brochures for upcoming tournaments will be online later this month.

Attention Members: The Members Section now features minutes from directors' and general meetings! You may remember that I tried to do this a long time ago, but there were problems. Anyhow minutes from October 2001 are now available, except for those from the May general meeting which will be online soon.