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Improvement to Score Sheet Archive

Posted by Paul S on Sun November 03, 2002 at 0h00

The sheets in the Score Sheet Archive have all been converted to PDF! This will make them much easier to view and print. Using an image format was causing too many problems. About the only drawback is the PDF files are quite large - anywhere from 200K to 1MB each. In fact I'll have to start zipping them up soon.

I'd wanted to put the sheets out as PDF files to begin with, but I thought I would need Adobe's Acrobat program to do this. However, today I discovered that I had some free tools on my home networking server that could convert images to PDF files, so I put them to use immediately!

I got a bunch of new submissions which I'll try to have online later this week. (Keep 'em coming!) I also want to put more information about each sheet on the list pages, so I'll probably make that enhancement this week as well.