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Updates & Upgrades

Posted by Paul S on Mon January 06, 2003 at 0h20

Over the last week or so I've been making minor updates to the site but haven't been able to mention them because I've also been upgrading the News feature. More on the upgrade in a second, but first a list of updates:

Tournament Details have been updated for several upcoming events.

The online flyer is now available for the Cascadia Team Tournament. This is a joint venture between several clubs including our own. It will place the Northwestern US against Western Canada. (Cascadia is the name given to this combined area should it decide to separate from its two parent countries.) The tournament is open to players of all ratings but attendance is restricted to residents of the geographical area in question. See the flyer for a list of eligible provinces & states.

Ratings have been updated through 2002.

The list of Directors has been updated to include Betty Bergeron. Betty took over for Marjorie as Treasurer last summer and handles all club financial matters.

Now, about the News Archive upgrade: I took a database course this past fall as part of my degree and am now applying what I learned to this site. Upgrading the News Archive was a nice first step because it's quite simple. Over the next few months I'll be upgrading other areas of the site as well.

The new News Archive is now available. It will show you a list of items and allow you to read each one individually. In the near future you will be able to search items as well. Note that I still have some work to do on the News Archive's appearance. For example, its pages won't bear the blue navigation bar like the one at the top of this page yet. This will be rectified soon. In the meantime, use the links provided in the News Archive to get back to the "regular" site pages.

Another change to the archive is that all directors are now able to post items! The poster is shown below the item title. In the future you may see announcements from other directors as things come up. This is the first step in weaning the site from complete dependence on me, and hopefully it will lead to a more timely delivery of information.