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Ladder Archive Online

Posted by Paul S on Mon March 15, 1999 at 0h00

The Ladder Archive is finally online! It is the product of nearly 100 hours of work, so I hope everybody enjoys it.

Anybody who is familiar with the old archive will recall that it wasn't particularly exciting. This is hardly the case with the new archive! What exactly does the all new Ladder Archive offer? Here's a list of features:

  • Club Ladder - The entire club ladder as it stands after the night's play, including absentees. Games played, wins, and byes are also listed in addition to a player's numeric position!
  • Standings - Group-by-group standings for each night of play.
  • Results - Every score from every game!
  • Night's Best - A series of achievement categories from the night's results. Everything from the highest scores to the best win/loss record of the night!
  • Achievers - The best achievements in selected categories from the season, and from the entire history of the Ladder Archive. Kind of a "Hall of Fame"!
  • Full Ladder - As if all of the above wasn't enough, the full ladder is a monstrous table which lets you view over 40 different statistics for every player! You can see everything from a player's personal best score to how many sessions they have attended. Seasonal and lifetime information is included. It's so packed full of information that each full ladder has its own separate page!

As promised, you can see results going back to January 7th, 1999, the first session of the year. I also have made available the results from the old ladder archive, should anybody be interested in them.

I apolgize for not having it ready by last Friday as promised. Some technical problems arose. I guess four more days isn't that long considering this was supposed to have been finished in early January! Ah well.