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Tournament Details Updated

Posted by Paul S on Wed December 31, 2003 at 1h13

Details are now available for the next Western Canadian Championship to be held in September and October of 2004. In addition, the official tournament flyer is now available as a PDF file. Note the new location for this tournament in 2004!

Additionally, some updated details are available for this Saturday's Marathon. The changes are not major. Remember, this tournament will be held at the Marlborough Community Centre.

Some new details for the Winter Tournament are also available. Again, nothing major. This tournament is also at Marlborough.

Lastly, details for mini-tournaments are now available. There are some major changes for mini-tournaments! First is the location - these tournaments are now held at the Inglewood Silver Threads Building. Second is the opt-in prize fund which we used in the December mini with great success. Finally, the division plan is changing significantly. The new plan will use a formula to calculate divisional spreads and place players accordingly. This should ease some of the huge rating spreads often seen in minis, allowing for fairer competition. As with the old plan, all of the details are explicitly spelled out on the web page linked above.

Incidentally, I've got a bet with the other directors that at least one person will show up at the wrong location for a tournament sometime during this year due to all of the location changes, but this is a bet I'd prefer to lose!