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Marathon Results

Posted by Paul S on Sun January 04, 2004 at 0h36

Results from the New Year's Marathon are now online. Attendance was down a bit at 24, but we had lots of fun in the only fully-rated 12-rounds-in-one-day tournament in North America!

Our new venue, the Marlborough Community Centre, was fairly well received. We have some minor kinks to iron out with the seating arrangements, but all in all the venue is quite nice: Lots of light, nice kitchen area, bright decor, and it's cheaper! Remember, we'll be back there in 5 weeks for our annual Winter Tournament.

On another note, if you play online at ISC, I've created a program to convert saved ISC game logs into text board diagrams, suitable for printing or for emailing. The converter is here. (The script's Python source code is available from this same page, for you programmer types who might be interested.)