Calgary Scrabble Group


Ladder Update

Posted by Paul S on Sun March 07, 1999 at 0h00

This is kind of a two-pronged news item. The first half is to let everybody know that our club's season concluded at the end of February, and we are now into a new season. This means all of the wins on the ladder have been reset and byes have been reevaluated. Players keep their position on the ladder, however. Winners from the last season were announced at last night's dinner, which I didn't attend, so as soon as I can get the winners I will put them online.

The second part of this item refers to the ladder archive. Since I know it is of interest to our club members who visit this site, I thought I'd provide a quick update on how the ladder archive is going.

Most of the program to manage the club ladder has been completed and I have begun testing it. There are still many major bugs to work out, but I hope to have something substantial online later this week. I am at the point where I can begin to enter the data, however the output resulting from that data is still quite a ways from being sensible.

I'm in between school courses right now so I will have some time to finish the program later this week. As soon as some useable data is available, I will place it online, even if it isn't quite as comprehensive as I would like.