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Ladder Enhancements

Posted by Paul S on Mon April 19, 1999 at 0h00

If you follow the ladder archive regularly you probably noticed that I have only just now posted the results for the 15th. This is because I needed extra time to complete several enhancements!

The first enhancement is that results have now been corrected to match the official club ladder. These corrections were implemented for the April 8th session, so the results for that week have changed slightly. The corrections were needed for two reasons. One is that I did not always have the proper positional information when inserting people in the ladder, and this is where things got out of sync, especially in the lower half. The second reason is because I did not have complete bye data for everybody so many players had incorrect bye totals.

Secondly, the Ladder on each page has been enhanced to show the movements of each player. I feel this is an important addition as it makes it possible to quickly see how far a person jumps (in either direction).

On the technical side of things, it is now possible for me to activate and deactivate players without losing their lifetime statistics. This allows the online ladder to more accurately match the official ladder, where players are moved on and off more frequently. It also means players won't be gypped on their average positions!

Also, the Full Ladder now has alternating colours in each row to make it easier to follow individual players. I tried giving groups of columns different coloured text, but this nearly doubled the size of the page and didn't really help the viewability all that much IMO, so I reverted to all black.

Lastly, the help pages for the main and full ladder pages have been updated to reflect the additions and enhancements.

One quick note: The April 1st ladder had to be regenerated due to an error on my part when making the corrections. However, the results have not changed in any way.