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Calgary Wins!

Posted by Paul S on Wed April 14, 1999 at 0h00

I'm happy to announce that the Calgary team came away victorious in our first (an hopefully annual) tiff with Seattle. The victory was definite - 113 wins to 67, though it should be pointed out that several key players were unable to attend on both sides (especially Seattle's), so this is not likely be a true reflection of the comparative abilities of the club. It will, however, set up a very interesting contest next year, with Seattle looking to avenge their defeat and us wanting to prove this wasn't just a fluke!

Because I could not attend the tournament, complete results are not yet available. As an alternative, Eileen Gruhn has permitted me to reproduce her coverage of the event for cgp. The report includes the winners and runners up and some notable events, and is recommended reading for all tournament fans!

Full results will be posted when the official results come back from the NSA. This normally takes about two to three weeks.