Calgary Scrabble Group


Special Thanks for Winter Tournament

Posted by Juraj P on Sun January 28, 2007 at 17h48

The players would like to thank Mark Schellenberg for giving up his weekend to direct the tournament. He ran a tight ship and busted everyone for any scoresheet inaccuracies. In total, 5 scorecards were wrong, leading to $10 of prize money which was collected by Huguette Settle. All players who had submitted only error free score sheets were elligble to win the "friends of the director" prize.

Siri once again did a great job organizing the tournament. Thanks for all the newsletters, emails, and phonecalls to ensure good attendance!

And thanks also to Wendy for letting us use her space for running the tournament. The onus was on her to make sure the room was in the same shape afterwards as when we started, and there was quite a bit of cleanup to do. Thank you to all those who stayed to help.

See you at Estelle's in March (24th and 25th) for the 15th Annual Spring Tournament. Please stay tuned to this site for more details.