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Emil Rem shines in Spring Tournament

Posted by Juraj P on Sun March 25, 2007 at 19h12
Emil Rem had top honours in the 15th Annual Calgary Spring Tournament.
He won Divison 1 with a score of 10/14, a full three games ahead of second place.

In Division 2, Brendan Huang beat Nicholas Tam for first place, by a spread difference
of only two points!! Nicholas beat him in the last round, but with a delta of only 29,
whereas 31 points were needed.

In Division 3, Wes Yocom won first with 10.5/14. Second and Third each had 10/14, in this
closely contested division.

A total of 24 players showed up, with 6 each in the top and middle divisions.

(The complete results for the tournament will be posted soon, for sure by Monday April 2nd.
They are on a laptop and we may not have time to pull them off until after the Coeur D'Alene
tournament, which 13 Calgarians are attending. )

The Class Prize winners were as follows

Division 1

High Win
493 Lorne Rusnell

High Loss
391 Darlene Kendel

Low Win
278 Marion Dimond

High Bingo
128 RESIZERS# Sylvia King

High Non-Bingo
75 SOYEZ# Juraj Pivovarov

Comeback Kid
98 Ben Settle

Division 2

High Win
509 Huguette Settle

High Loss
406 Peter Maas

Low Win
328 Peter Maas

High Bingo
158 BUSTLING Nicholas Tam

High Non-Bingo
69 Huguette Sttle

Comeback Kid
94 Nicholas Tam

Division 3

High Win
504 Allan Simon

High Loss
401 Wayne Clifford

Low Win
339 Wendy McGrath

High Bingo
167 SODOMIST Siri Tillekeratne

High Non-Bingo
66 FLEX Wayne Clifford

Comeback Kid
132 Allan Simon

Lorne Rusnell (Div 3) won the "Living on the Edge" award, winning three games
by 1+5+14 = 20 points.

Terri Morigeau (Div 2) won the "Tough Luck" prize, losing three games by
1 +7 + 7 = 15 points.

Also, prizes were awarded for "Bingo Aces" in each division, the player who scored
the most bingos.

The "Most Outrageous Phoney" award went to the word SQUAWTERS#, but COWPILE# was only one vote behind
in the tie-breaker vote.