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Ladder Archive Errors

Posted by Paul S on Fri April 09, 1999 at 0h00

Oops! This hasn't been a good week for me with regard to the Ladder Archive. I indexed last weeks results using the wrong date, thus they would not have loaded from the index. (This is exactly why I put the note about the URL format of ladders on the archive index.) Then, last night I lost my results sheets so I do not have results for the 8th at this time!

The typo on the index page has been fixed. (I've also made a few minor edits to the index, mostly to get rid of the stuff which touts the archive as "all new".)

Results for the 8th should be available on Saturday evening. I should be able to get them during our Saturday session, and if so I will post them as soon as I get home!

By the way, since this falls under the same heading: I have noticed that the actual ladder and the one on this site do not quite match. Generally, the lower positions are slightly out of whack, but not seriously. The statistics seem fine. As is mentioned on the ladder help page I am committed to making periodic adjustments to keep things accurate. What is not mentioned is that I have not yet implemented the enhancements to the program which produces all this wonderful information in order to make these adjustments. Thus corrections will not be made for a few weeks yet. However, if I notice that the discrepancies are becoming serious, I will try to speed things up!