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Team Canada wins Cascadia Challenge

Posted by Juraj P on Mon April 02, 2007 at 21h27
Thirty players registered for the 5th Annual Cascadia Challenge, a classic match-up of
Canadian vs American Scrabble players. Held in scenic Coeur d'Alene, this tournament is
one of the yearly favourites of veteran organizer Siri Tillekeratne.

Canadians won the event this year 122 games to 88, which continues the alternating pattern this
contest has yielded. America won last year, and Canada before that, and so on.

The tournament was run in two divisions, with 16 in the top division, and 14 in the bottom divsion.
The top division consisted of three phases: full round robin (all 8 Canadians played
all 8 Americans), then two round robins were played, with the top 4 Canadians pitted against the top 4
Americans, and same for the bottom four, and finally 2 king-of-the-hill rounds.

The bottom division was done as a double round robin, with each of 7 Americans playing each of the
7 Canadians. Jane Bissonnette played for Team Canada to make the numbers even.

(Actual scores and spreads will be coming soon. I didn't export that format from Tourney Man, so
unfortunately we'll have to wait until after it's rated.)

Division 1
(16 players)

1st: USA Daniel Goodwin
2nd: CAN Randall Thomas
3rd: USA Nigel Peltier
4th: CAN Jeff Fleetham

Division 2
(14 players)

1st: CAN Pam Taylor-Bailey
2nd: CAN Betty Bergeron
3rd: USA Jane Bissonnette (Played as an honourary Canadian however)
4th: CAN Juraj Pivovarov

High Game: Ruth Hamilton 587, Juraj Pivovarov 534
High Loss: Rachel Christensen 437, Joey Cross 391
Low Win: Mary LeCompte 322, Betty Bergeron 315
High Bingo: Ruth Hamilton ESSAYING 185, Tim LeCompte DEAFNESS 140
High Non-Bingo: Dan Goodwin JEWEL 83, Pam Taylor-Bailey DOZENS 78
Comeback: Siri Tillekeratne 120, Juraj Pivovarov 85

Most Outrageous Phoney: KHIBLIS#, Randall Thomas, with a close runner up for WEDELNED# by Huguette