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Edmonton SCRABBLE® Club - inaugural tmt results

Posted by Huguette S on Mon March 17, 2008 at 12h23
A total of 38 players braved winter's last hurrah to compete in the Edmonton Club's inaugural tournament.

Winners in each division are as follows:

Division 1
1st place -Alberta Hahn
2nd place - Randall Thomas
3rd place - George Macaulay
4th place - Fran Silver
5th place - Shannon Burns
High game - Fran Silver
Low win - Paul Matwychuk
High loss - Betty Bergeron
Highest word with an H - Randall Thomas
Highest word with LATE - Wayne Clifford
Most bingos - Albert Hahn

Division 2
1st place - Juraj Pivovarov
2nd place - Marcia Lissack
3rd place - Lorne Rusnell
4th place - Maureen Morris
High game - Juraj Pivovarov
Low win - Sylvia King
High loss - Marcia Lissack
Highest word with an H - Juraj Pivovarov
Highest word with LATE - Juraj Pivovarov
Most bingos - Juraj Pivovarov

Division 3
1st place - Estelle Matthews
2nd place - Troy Millington
3rd place - Trish Mathieson
4th place - Mary Babiy
High game - Hugh Lavender
Low win - Fay Claus
High loss - Troy Millington
Highest word with an H - Mahani Mohamed
Highest word with LATE - Fay Claus
Most bingos - Ken Middleton

BeLATEd thanks go to Pam Taylor-Bailey for providing the LATE award.

Thanks to all who came and made this first tournament a success.

Huguette Settle
Edmonton SCRABBLE® Club