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Tournament News

Posted by Paul S on Sat May 08, 1999 at 0h00

First off, please note that there has been an addition to the division plan for our tournaments. The Western Canadian Championship's divisions are now listed separately (as are the Marathon's, which is a long way off. This is because these tournaments are different (either in length, consistency of atttendance, or both) and require slight modifications. The basic plans, as previously announced and distributed to all club members, have not changes.

Two minor changes to online tournament brochures have also been made. The first involves the Western Canadian Championship. The divisional cut-offs have now been set at 1100/1300/1600. The Early Bird divisional cut-offs (if any will be used) will be set later. The second change involves the Summer Tournament. I omitted the fact that those who register before May 28th will be entered in a draw for an NSA Membership! If you want to play, get your registration in early and you may win!

Quick note: I didn't consider this important enough to have its own news item, but I did want to mention that over the next few weeks I will be adding some more supplementary graphics to the site. (All will either be very small, thumbnailed, or entirely separate from main pages so they won't slow page loading times.) None of the images being added are critical but they are interesting to look at, especially for new Scrabble® players and those who have never been to the Calgary club. I'll leave it up to those who want to see them to find them scattered around the site!