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Nov 21 One day in Edmonton

Posted by Juraj P on Sat November 21, 2009 at 22h44
I just got back home from the one day tournament in Edmonton, hosted
by the Settles. Huguette did a wonderful job, and even handed out a special
gift for all who came. Very cool scrabble-themed graphic design image,
on a nice large fridge magnet. Postcard sized! Speaking of postcards, there
were even postcards advertising the annual big tournament in Edmonton. Very
cool idea for a tournament flyer presentation. The tournament will
be April 10th and 11th 2010. Please check if out, it's well worth the short drive up there.

The tournament itself was very good. I found the pace of 3 rounds before lunch
and 3 after very refreshing. I had lots of energy for all my games. The tournament
was at the Stanley Milner library, one block from Edmonton's downtown mall. That
was very convenient for lunch and passing time over the break. Lots of things were open in the
neighborhood early on, so getting a coffee and muffin, etc was no problem. Great venue!

If you have any friends up in Edmonton, the one days might be the perfect excuse
to head north and visit them :-).

Now for the sad news.

Dorothy and I were the only Calgarians in the event. I'll let the cross-tables speak
for themselves:

Nov 21st Results

(... I can't believe it but it was rated by the time I drove home.)