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Edmonton: Change of Venue - Chateau Louis

Posted by Huguette on Fri March 19, 2010 at 21h43
Fellow Scrabblers,

Last October, 6 months in advance, I booked the Queen Mary Park Community Hall for our third annual two-day tournament. I was given a choice of two weekends in April and decided April 10-11 should work nicely. The event and the Queen Mary Park venue were listed on the NASPA website, on our club website, and on Cross-tables.com and flyers were ordered, printed and distributed. This Wednesday, 24 days before the tournament date, I was told I could not have the hall after all. No plausible explanation was provided. You can well imagine that I was not your proverbial happy camper.

However, good news. Those staying at the Chateau Louis will be happy to hear that we have negotiated to hold the tournament there. Those who have to drive will only have to go a few blocks north of the previously-announced venue.

Our tournament will be at the Chateau Louis Hotel and Conference Centre, 11727 Kingsway. We will be in the Crown Suite on the third floor of the hotel. There is an elevator for any who may have mobility issues and a balcony for those who wish to smoke. I think you will all agree that it is a beautiful room.

The biggest drawback to the Crown Suite is its capacity. At the very most, we can now only accommodate 36 participants in our tournament. If you haven't registered yet, you may want to do so soon!

Thank you to all who have registered already and I am looking forward to seeing everyone in a mere three weeks' time.

Huguette Settle
Edmonton Scrabble Club