Calgary Scrabble Group


A word about tardiness...

Posted by Randall Thomas on Sat May 22, 2010 at 20h00
Many of our members manage to make it to the Thursday sessions well before 7pm. This facilitates ladder groupings & allows for more game-time. Those who come after 7 pm tend to cause further delays & also run a 50% chance of creating byes.
Ideally, everyone should be present by 6:55pm.
NASPA club 374 policy on Lateness: Anyone arriving late (after 7pm) will be at the mercy of the person organizing the ladder that night. In most cases, the latecomer will be slotted in where he/she normally would be on the ladder and, if making that group odd, will take the first bye. However, if the group cannot accommodate byes due to filled quotas, the latecomer will be placed in the nearest group which can accommodate byes. Any byes taken as a latecomer will not be counted in the 2-year quota. As a very last resort, if the latecomer creates a bye-situation that cannot be rectified, he/she will be turned away (this is rare). If you plan to attend but feel you may not be on time, you are asked to either call the hall (403-283-3720), Wayne Clifford (403-510-3979) or someone you know that will attend and will pass on the message. Thanks to everyone for sharing in the ownership and operation of our club.