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New Full Ladder Format

Posted by Paul S on Sat June 26, 1999 at 0h00

Once again I'm a little late with the Ladder Archive results for this week, but this time there's a good reason!

The format of the Full Ladder Table has been improved (well in my opinion at least)! Instead of one giant contiguous table with one person per line, the table has been "squished" so that the statistics for each person are now visible in a "block" of six lines.

This has a few advantages. The biggest is that the table isn't so damn wide - no more horizontal scrolling! In conjunction with this is that it's now possible to see all of a person's statistics on the screen at once. The other major advantage is that the groups of statistics are now visually split up, which makes it a little easier to remember which value is which.

A third advantage, which doesn't really apply to Internet viewers, is that the table can now be printed out. This lets me bring the Full Ladder every once in a while (probably once a month) for viewing at the club. However, individuals viewing online can of course take advantage of this feature in other ways. For example, if you wish to make a printout of your own statistics, you can use your browser's "Print Preview" to find out which page you appear on, then print just that page.

As you might expect, the Full Ladder Legend has been updated to reflect the changes.

I hope you appreciate the new format! You can see it for the first time on the June 24th Full Ladder. The new format is a fair bit larger than the old format (10-15K), but I think the extra size is worth it for the improved readability.

This is the first enhancement to the Ladder Archive this summer. A few others are planned - all are minor but should still be interesting!

Oh, I should also just quickly mention that before generating this week's statistics, the positions were corrected to those of the official ladder. Wins and Byes will be updated within the next two weeks, after the discrepancies are reviewed.