Calgary Scrabble Group


General Meeting

Posted by Paul S on Fri June 04, 1999 at 0h00

There will be a General Meeting of the membership on Wednesday, June 30th to vote on our club becoming a registered non-profit organization (Society) and to present a financial statement to our members.

PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR CLUB BY COMING OUT TO VOTE. The decision to incorporate is probably the biggest decision since the club joined the NSA, and we want everybody to have their say.

A small General Meeting page has been set up to provide the basics. However, club members should have a copy of the official Agenda which is available at club functions, tournaments, and upon request up to the meeting. A summary of the agenda is available at the page above.

NOTE: Because it is a temporary page, the General Meeting page will only be linked from here (the news), the Fundraising page, and the Main Index Page.