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Posted by Juraj on Mon December 08, 2014 at 8h35
Congratulations to Eric Tran, a perfect 12-0 in Division One, not to mention a 7-bingo game. And congratulations to Sunshine Gudlaugson of Vancouver, BC on playing smashingly with 10-2 to win Division Two.


Division 1

High Game659Eric Tran vs Ebanks
High Loss429Wendy McGrath to Brian Guilbault
High BingoENDGAME(104)Emil Rem
High BingoQUIETED(104)Maureen Morris
High Non BingoANTIHERO(108)Paul Sidorsky
Comeback Kid141Juraj Pivovarov vs Wayne Clifford
Bingo Ace28Eric Tran
Biggest Upset410Maureen Morris beat Matt Larocque, who is rated 410 higher.

Division 2

High Game536Troy Millington vs Darlene Kendel
High Loss405Darlene Kendel to Maureen Clifford
High BingoDEXTRIN(113)Betsy Chai
High Non BingoZA(64)Sylvia King
Comeback Kid143Troy Millington vs Maureen Clifford
Bingo Ace21Betsy Chai
Biggest Upset579Millie Pelkey beat Maureen Clifford, who is rated 579 higher.

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyGAWDJuraj Pivovarov vs Mike Ebanks
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-30Wendy McGrath
Living on the edge (three closest wins)+33Brian Guilbault
PS. Please be patient as we submit the tournament to NASPA. We are experiencing some technical difficulties.