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29th Annual Winter Tournament: Categories

Posted by Juraj on Sun January 25, 2015 at 19h07


Division 1

High Game541Matt Larocque vs Noella Ward
High Loss452Paul Sidorsky to Eric Tran
High BingoLISTENED(131)Noella Ward vs Juraj Pivovarov
High Non BingoJEAN(83)Matt Larocque vs Noella Ward
Comeback Kid128Eric Tran vs Paul Sidorsky
Bingo Ace24Juraj Pivovarov

Division 2

High Game508Betty Bergeron vs Terri Morigeau
High Loss412Terri Morigeau to Betsy Chai
High BingoRONDELS(110)Betty Bergeron vs Terri Morigeau
High BingoZEALOTS(110)Millie Pelkie vs Sylvia King
High Non BingoQUADS(83)Dorothy Klovan
Comeback Kid95Dorothy Klovan
Bingo Ace26Rod Weis (and in only 13 games due to byes!)

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyCHINOISEPaul Sidorsky vs Emil Rem
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-2 -6 -6 = -14Mike Ebanks
Living on the edge (three closest wins)5 +8 +9 = 22Estelle Mathews