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Ebanks wins Div 1, Morigeau takes Div 2

Posted by Juraj on Mon March 30, 2015 at 6h10

(New ratings are available: the tournament has been rated by NASPA)

Congratulations to Mike Ebanks on winning division 1! He's had two other Div 1 wins in 2000 (Calgary vs Saskatchewan) and 2010 (Edmonton). Well done Mike. Even though he had enough spread to win the event after 13 rounds, he finished with panache: he managed a 100 point comeback to beat Wayne Clifford by a single point, and go 10-4 instead of 9-5.

Terri Morigeau won Division 2, and she's won division two only three times before: in 2005, 2010, 2013. Well deserved! In Div 2, Rod Weis stepped in for half a tournament. It was an odd thing to do, but helped out immensely. He was too busy to play in the full event, but playing 7 helped avoid double byes for everyone.

Division A Round 14 Standings

Rnk Won-Lost Spread Player                  Last Game
  1 10.0-4.0  +1120 Ebanks, Mike (A6)       W:396-395:A5  $$$
  2 9.0-5.0    +510 Pivovarov, Juraj (A1)   W:423-337:A2  $$
  3 9.0-5.0    +377 Tillekeratne, Siri (A2) L:337-423:A1  $ 
  4 7.0-7.0     +71 Clifford, Wayne (A5)    L:395-396:A6
  5 7.0-7.0    -233 Rem, Emil (A3)          W:435-334:A4
  6 7.0-7.0    -341 McGrath, Wendy (A7)     L:395-405:A8
  7 5.0-9.0    -872 Ward, Noella (A8)       W:405-395:A7
  8 2.0-12.0   -632 Panganiban, Danny (A4)  L:334-435:A3

Division B Round 14 Standings

Rnk Won-Lost Spread Player                 Last Game
  1 10.5-3.5   +645 Morigeau, Terri (B2)   BYE            $$$
  2 9.5-4.5    +360 Clifford, Maureen (B3) L:332-348:B4   $$
  3 9.5-4.5    +105 King, Sylvia (B4)      W:348-332:B3   $
  4 8.5-5.5    +413 Weis, Rodney (B1)      T:250-250:B2
  5 7.5-6.5    +188 Slater, Linda (B5)     L:299-391:B6
  6 4.5-9.5    -205 Klovan, Dorothy (B6)   W:391-299:B5
  7 3.5-10.5   -801 Matthews, Estelle (B8) W:346-335:B7
  8 2.5-11.5   -705 Brookes, Laverne (B7)  L:335-346:B8


Division 1

High Game531Mike Ebanks vs Emil Rem
High Loss432Siri Tillekeratne to Noella Ward
High BingoVIOLATER(140)Noella Ward vs Siri Tillekeratne
High Non BingoQUIPS(84)Wendy McGrath vs Siri Tillekeratne
Comeback Kid100Mike Ebanks vs Wayne Clifford
Bingo Ace29Juraj Pivovarov

Division 2

High Game482Terri Morigeau vs Estelle Matthews
High Loss389Maureen Clifford to Rod Weis
High BingoLUSTIEST(132)Terri Morigeau vs Estelle Matthews
High Non BingoQUAIS(72)Terri Morigeau vs Sylvia King
Comeback Kid76Linda Slater vs Estelle Matthews
Bingo Ace11Linda Slater

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyWALROUSRod Weis vs Linda Slater