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Eric Tran and Ben Settle win Winter

Posted by Juraj on Tue February 02, 2016 at 18h47


Division 1

High Game573Eric Tran vs Maureen Morris
High Loss450Timothy Anderson to Mike Ebanks
High BingoTHICKEST(116)Wayne Clifford vs Maureen Morris
High Non BingoEQUIP(80)Huguette Settle vs Siri Tillekeratne
High Non BingoPYREX(80)Eric Tran vs Maureen Morris
Comeback Kid106Huguette Settle vs Siri Tillekeratne
Low Win320Siri Tillekeratne vs Maureen Morris
Bingo Ace26Eric Tran

Division 2

High Game506Ben Settle vs Estelle Matthews
High Loss450Debra Bates to Maureen Clifford
High BingoETCHINGS(101)Ben Settle vs Estelle Matthews
High Non BingoEQUAL(74)Vish Wimalasena vs Ava Zeidler
Comeback Kid94Kevin Noble vs Ben Settle
Bingo Ace21Maureen Clifford

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyBOOTUPSTroy Millington vs Laverne Brookes
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-2 -7 -8 = -17Estelle Matthews
Living on the edge (three closest wins)8 +10 +12 = 30Vish Wimalasena
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