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JP, DP and BS, VW winners in Spring

Posted by Juraj on Mon March 21, 2016 at 19h55

Division A Round 14 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
111–3+1030Pivovarov, Juraj (A2) $$W:416-392:A3
29–5+147Larocque, Matthew (A3) $L:392-416:A2
38–6+107Ebanks, Mike (A4)W:480-437:A1
48–6+78Panganiban, Danny (A8) $$W:517-371:A7
57–7+397Tetreault, Teri (A1)L:437-480:A4
67–7−294Rem, Emil (A6) $W:439-274:A5
76–8+120Clifford, Wayne (A7)L:371-517:A8
86–8−102Tillekeratne, Siri (A5)L:274-439:A6
94–10−619McGrath, Wendy (A10)L:283-422:A9
104–10−864Settle, Huguette (A9)W:422-283:A10

Division B Round 14 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast Game
110–4+326Settle, Ben (B2) $L:372-391:B1
29–5+265Morigeau, Terri (B1)W:391-372:B2
39–5+161Harris, Grace (B4)L:299-399:B3
47–7+328Clifford, Maureen (B3)W:399-299:B4
56–8+62Wimalasena, Vish (B6) $W:379-302:B5
66–8−279King, Sylvia (B5)L:302-379:B6
75–9−626Matthews, Estelle (B8)L:303-364:B7
84–10−237Brookes, Laverne (B7)W:364-303:B8

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Division 1

High Game691Teri Tetreault vs Emil Rem
High Loss437Teri Tetreault
High BingoABRADENT(149)Juraj Pivovarov vs Wayne Clifford
High Non BingoWINZE(81)Teri Tetreault vs Siri Tillekeratne
Comeback Kid147Mike Ebanks vs Teri Tetreault
Low Win328Wendy McGrath vs Danny Panganiban
Low Win328Wendy McGrath vs Huguette Settle (she really won this twice!)
Bingo Ace28Teri Tetreault

Division 2

High Game486Vish Wimalasena vs Estelle Matthews
High Loss422Maureen Clifford to Vish Wimalasena
High BingoBRAWEST(107)Vish Wimalasena vs Estelle Matthews
High Non BingoQUINS(64)Vish Wimalasena vs Laverne Brookes
Comeback Kid67Vish Wimalasena vs Estelle Matthews
Bingo Ace18Vish Wimalasena

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyDUNKYTeri Tetreault vs Matt Larocque
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-2 -10 -17 = -29Maureen Clifford
Living on the edge (three closest wins)+4 +6 +12 = 2Mike Ebanks

We tried out a new prize structure - effectively it was like having two divisions for pairings but four divisions for prizes. With a vote after the tournament, the new structure seemed very well received with a vote of approximately 12-2 in favor. It was based on the premise that "everyone should have a chance at a prize." Congratulations to all the prize winners!



    Div 1
        10 x $60 = $600

    Div 2
         8 x $50 = $400

    Club Subsidy:  $130
    TOTAL = $1130


    Div 1
        Rating Fees = $90
        Categories  = $80
        Prizes     = $430

    Div 2
        Rating Fees = $75
        Categories  = $80
        Prizes     = $245
        Room       = $100
        Horse      =  $12
        Stationery =  $18
    TOTAL = $1130

    Div 1
        Open:   1st $160
                2nd $110
        U1450:  1st $100
                2nd  $60 

    Div 2
        Open:   1st $145
        U900:   1st $100