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W Clifford, W McGrath, and L Slater Shine

Posted by Juraj on Mon June 26, 2017 at 19h46

Wayne (otherwise known as TBB - The Bearded Boss) had a fantastic tournament with the highest performance rating of the event at 1897, and going 11-3. It earned him 100+ rating points. But no one knows exactly how he won the bingo ace. And Matt finished strong, edging back over 1600 again.

Wendy McGrath dominated Div 2 with 11-3, clinching first place. Just like last year's summer tourney. Welcome back to 1200+.

And Linda Slater had the best record in the tournament with a very strong 12-2 in Div 3, and a performance rating 400 points higher than the next competitor.

A big thank you goes to Rod Weis for not only agreeing to play if we were odd (he still has to book off his weekend!) but that he stayed and administered the tournament, entering all the data and keeping it running smoothly.

A heartfelt farewell to Kala who had to fly home overseas.

Complete results available on cross-tables.com


Division 1

High Game513Juraj Pivovarov vs Mike Ebanks
High Loss440Siri Tillekeratne to Mike Ebanks
High BingoFAINTLY(99)Bill Payne vs Matt Larocque
High Non BingoOBJETS(70)Bill Payne vs Siri Tillekeratne
Comeback Kid102Wayne Clifford vs Bill Payne
Low Win355Juraj Pivovarov vs Bill Payne
Bingo Ace28Wayne Clifford. Seriously.

Division 2

High Game510Ben Settle vs Kala Ganesh
High Loss405Maureen Morris to Ben Settle (MM won this last time!)
High BingoPROBATES(176)Terri Morigeau vs Vish Wimalasena (roles reversed from last time)
High Non BingoSQUAT(78)Grace Harris vs Linda Slater
Comeback Kid107Ben Settle vs Richard Martin
Low Win314Terri Morigeau vs Ben Settle
Bingo Ace19Maureen Clifford

Division 3

High Game506Estelle Matthews vs Tom McKay
High Loss382Sylvia King to Estelle Matthews
High BingoSHEARING(98)Doug Gilbert vs Doris Magnusson
High Non BingoQUADS(75)Tom McKay vs Darlene Kendel
Comeback Kid55Linda Slater vs Darlene Kendel
Comeback Kid55Tom McKay vs Laverne Brookes
Low Win298Doris Magnusson vs Laverne Brookes (Doris got this award last time too!)
Bingo Ace13Daisy Bailey (there was a 4-way tie!! but Daisys scored more in total)

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyTITMANSMatt Larocque
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-1 -4 -10 = -15Grace Harris
Living on the edge (three closest wins)+3 +4 +12 = +19Wayne Clifford