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Allan Simon comes out of Retirement

Posted by Juraj on Sun December 03, 2017 at 11h31

A big thank you goes out to Rod Weis for administering the tournament for us, and giving up a Saturday for Scrabble without playing a single game.

In the top division, Allan Simon cleaned up with a 2 game lead over the field, 9-3 +475. Considering he's only played 15 games of tournament scrabble in the last 4 years, his achievement surprised everyone, including himself.

The other really notable performance came from Wendy McGrath, earning almost 80 rating points. Noella wanted to play up, and we asked Wendy if she would mind joining her to keep it even. She decided to go for it, and there was no looking back.

In division 2, they threw a good bye party for Vish Wimalasena. It was nice knowing you, and good luck in Divison One they said. He won with 9-3, and Maureen Clifford was second with 8-4.

In division 3, Sylvia King won with 9-3 and Linda Slater second with 7-5.

Don't forget to show up on Sunday Jan 7th for our "awards night". It's more of an afternoon of scrabble and free pizza from the club.

One last things: Bingo Ace Winners: please type in your bingos (do not indicate blanks) and I will post them as alphagram challenges for everyone to enjoy.

Complete results, with updated ratings can be found on NASPA's website.
Division A Round 12 Standings

Rnk Won-Lost Spread Player                  Last Game
  1 9.0-3.0    +475 Simon, Allan (A2)       W:338-327:A1 $150
  2 7.0-5.0    +518 Pivovarov, Juraj (A1)   L:327-338:A2  $90
  3 7.0-5.0    +315 Ebanks, Mike (A5)       W:450-343:A8  $65
  4 7.0-5.0    -251 McGrath, Wendy (A10)    W:418-311:A3  $50 PERF
  5 6.0-6.0     +21 Tam, Nicholas (A8)      L:343-450:A5
  6 6.0-6.0     -81 Rossi, Mimmo (A4)       W:378-347:A6
  7 5.0-7.0     +22 Clifford, Wayne (A3)    L:311-418:A10
  8 5.0-7.0    -262 Tillekeratne, Siri (A6) L:347-378:A4
  9 4.0-8.0     -89 Ward, Noella (A9)       W:442-351:A7
 10 4.0-8.0    -668 Sargious, Peter (A7)    L:351-442:A9

Division B Round 12 Standings

Rnk Won-Lost Spread Player                 Last Game
  1 9.0-3.0    +698 Wimalasena, Vish (B1)  L:334-358:B6 $140
  2 8.0-4.0     +28 Clifford, Maureen (B3) W:434-298:B5  $70
  3 6.0-6.0    +166 Bergeron, Betty (B5)   L:298-434:B3
  4 5.0-7.0    -397 Millington, Troy (B6)  W:358-334:B1
  5 5.0-7.0    -514 Morris, Maureen (B4)   W:375-365:B2
  6 3.0-9.0     +19 Payne, Bill (B2)       L:365-375:B4

Division C Round 12 Standings

Rnk Won-Lost Spread Player                 Last Game
  1 9.0-3.0    +536 King, Sylvia (C3)      W:323-292:C4 $140
  2 7.0-5.0    +314 Slater, Linda (C1)     W:368-367:C2  $70
  3 7.0-5.0    +184 Kendel, Darlene (C4)   L:292-323:C3
  4 7.0-5.0     -22 Gilbert, Douglas (C2)  L:367-368:C1
  5 5.0-7.0    -192 Matthews, Estelle (C5) L:295-406:C6
  6 1.0-11.0   -820 Mckay, Tom (C6)        W:406-295:C5


Division 1

High Game541Noella Ward vs Peter Sargious
High Loss432Siri Tillekeratne to Allan Simon
High BingoACRIDINE(149)Wayne Clifford vs Juraj Pivovarov
High Non BingoAQUAE(74)Mike Ebanks vs Peter Sargious
Comeback Kid128Nicholas Tam vs Mimmo Rossi
Low Win338Allan Simon vs Juraj Pivovarov
Bingo Ace25Allan Simon

Division 2

High Game509Vish Wimalasena vs Maureen Clifford
High Loss417Betty Bergeron to Vish Wimalasena
High BingoFIESTAS(128)Maureen Morris vs Troy Millington
High Non BingoZINEB(90)Troy Millington vs Vish Wimalasena
Comeback Kid133Troy Millington vs Maureen Clifford
Low Win 331Betty Bergeron vs Troy Millington
Bingo Ace24Vish Wimalasena

Division 3

High Game441Linda Slater vs Darlene Kendel
High Loss371Linda Slater to Sylvia King
High BingoSEQUOIA(92)Estelle Matthews vs Linda Slater
High Non BingoQUILT(72)Tom McKay vs Estelle Matthews
Comeback Kid80Linda Slater vs Tom McKay
Low Win 317Sylvia King vs Darlene Kendel
Bingo Ace10Linda Slater

Other Categories

Most Outrageous PhoneyDEINDEXTroy Millington vs Betty Bergeron
Most Unusual WordPIROJKIJuraj Pivovarov
Tough Luck (three closest losses)-3 -10 -16 = -29Bill Payne (money kindly donated to club)
Living on the edge (three closest wins)2 +8 +31 = +41Mimmo Rossi