Calgary Scrabble Group


FAQ Now Available

Posted by Paul S on Sat October 30, 1999 at 0h00

At long last, the site's Frequently Asked Questions page is now available in the General Information section of the site.

Right now, the FAQ is pretty feeble and only has two fairly insignificant questions on it. As new things come up, I'll add them to the FAQ. These additions won't be mentioned on the news, so be sure to look in on the FAQ every once in a while. Each question on the FAQ has its own "Last Updated" date so it's easy to see what's been added or revised.

Obviously, the best way for the FAQ to work is for people to ask me questions! Please contact me if you have anything that you'd like to ask. This also applies if you think of something that should be in the FAQ. All questions are welcome, be they about the site, our club's history or operations, or even Scrabble® in general! Of course, please be sure the question isn't already covered elsewhere on this site.