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Changed Pages

Posted by Paul S on Sun February 28, 1999 at 0h00

I have also updated several pages, as follows:

  • Tournament Cut-Offs - I have corrected the tournament cut-offs for our Spring and Summer tournaments. The upper division was incorrectly reported as having a 1600 cut-off; it should be 1500. However, all cut-offs are still tentative!
  • Team Qualifiers - Updated through Saturday, Feb. 27. There's only one month left to qualify!
  • Tournament List - The tournament listing is now officially complete! However, all this means is that I've removed the tournaments which have passed and taken out the links to tournaments which don't have online brochures yet.
  • Misc. Page - The first three new files announced above will eventually be part of the Miscellaneous Info. Section, which has not been completed. However, I have added links to the above new pages to that page to make them easier to find.
  • Facts Page - Lastly, due to the completeness of the club history provided by Siri Tillekeratne, I have removed all references to the club facts page (which was never finished). Perhaps in the future I will compile a list of distinct facts. For now, however, everything's in the history!