Calgary Scrabble Group

Stats and Awards

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For 2017 Highest Winning Pct

2017Juraj Pivovarov68.83
2017Jason Krueger66.25
2017Mike Ebanks62.6
2017Randall Thomas62.5
2017Wayne Clifford61.67
2017Richard Martin60.58
2017Noella Ward59.04
2017Siri Tillekeratne58.44
2017Emil Rem55.56
2017Maureen Clifford54.78
2017Peter Sargious53.33
2017Dorothy Klovan47.92
2017Estelle Matthews47.42
2017Wendy McGrath47.28
2017Betty Bergeron46.75
2017Arthur Milne46.61
2017Grace Harris45.45
2017Doug Gilbert44.83
2017Sylvia King42.86
2017Linda Slater40.59
2017Tom McKay29.89
2017Bobbi Braden22.09

To be eligible, a player will have to have played 30 percent of the number of games of the most active player.

Highest Winning Pct = (Wins + Ties*0.5)/total games

A Indicates an award.