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Abbreviation Page: Recompute Missing Abbreviations

Please click on the submit button below to assign abbreviations to new players who may not have one yet.

The algorithm is to use the first rule that gives an abbreviation that isn't used by anyone else.

For the name Alan Bobble
  • First letter of first name. ex A
  • First letter of first name, first letter of last name ex AB
  • A2,...,A9 *
  • AB2,...,AB9 *
  • A22,A23,...,A99 *
  • AB22,AB23,...,AB99 *

* no 0 or 1's allowed since they can be too easily confused with the letter oh 'O' and letter i 'I'

Once an abbreviation is assigned, it will never be changed. This will make it worthwhile for people who do a lot of scrabble data entry to become familiar with abbreviations. Abbreviations were assigned in such a fashion that players who played more games received shorter abbreviations.