Calgary Scrabble Group



Round Robin Pairing Tables - generate pairings for a tournament


Links - A compilation of scrabble related sites.
Printing - Standard Forms needed for running the club, tournaments, etc.

Tournament Scrabble

New Players - All of the essentials for a new Scrabble Club player.
Boards, Clocks, & Tiles - recommendations for purchasing new equipment
Scoresheets - Various score sheet formats,for keeping track of not only scores, but of what letters have been played.
Download Forms Forms for recording the evening's results.
Club Ladder Simulation - how are the pairings decided each club night?
Pairing Tables for round robin tournaments. Useful tool for tournament directors.
Official Tournament Rules on the NSA's web site. Recommended reading at least once before a tournament. It will make sense after a few club sessions.
Blank Club Results Form aka Thursday Results sheet.

Scrabble Ratings

Ratings Explained - how are ratings calculated, anyway?
Find your rating on the NSA website. - search by lastname.
Ratings of all Alberta Players conveniently located on one page.
Cross Tables.com Find your scrabble tournament performance history. (Very comprehensive)


Word Lists
Anamonics - Short for ANAgram mneMONICS.