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This page includes some selected links for information about Scrabble® along with its clubs, tournaments, players, equipment, etc.

Clubs & Tournaments

Scrabble® FAQ - The grand behemoth of club and tournament Scrabble® information sites. Here you will find the list of Frequently Asked Questions for Scrabble® along with various other things. The link collection is also unrivalled - if there's a site having anything to do with organized Scrabble®, chances are it's linked here.

ScrabbleClub.com - A collection of useful information for club & tournament players. Mostly links, but they are organized well.

For links to individual Scrabble® clubs, visit one of the sites in this section.

Play Scrabble Online

Internet Scrabble Club - hosted on servers in Romania.

Governing Bodies

NSA - The National Scrabble® Association's home page. Although the NSA used to sanction all club and tournament play in North America, its focus is now on school Scrabble®.

NASPA - The North American SCRABBLE® Players Association's web page. They oversee clubs and tournaments.

ABSP - The Association of British Scrabble® Players is the govening body for organized Scrabble® throughout the UK.

For other governing bodies, see the Scrabble® FAQ.

Official Sites

Hasbro Scrabble® (North America)

Mattel Scrabble® (rest of world)


Find your rating on the NSA website. - search by lastname.

Ratings of all Alberta Players conveniently located on one page.

Cross Tables.com Find your scrabble tournament performance history. (Very comprehensive)

Word Lists etc.

New OSPD4 words - Jason Katz-Brown posted this link to the additions and deletions by length. Albert Hahn passed this on to our club.

Zyzzava - a program to learn word lists and more. It comes with a version of TWL2 (words and definitions)

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